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Luminous Solar Batteries

Luminous Solar Batteries Price


Luminous Solar Batteries are manufactured by Luminous Power Technologies Ltd and based in gurgaon. All batteries are available in C10 rating. These solar deep cycle batteries specially designed for longer back up. Luminous solar batteries in India provides the entire range starting from 20Ah to 200Ah of batteries fro home segment and SOHO segment.


Luminous Solar Batteries Features


  • Overcharging sustainability
  • Long life cycles
  • Topping up frequency in 8 to 10 months
  • High temp performance
  • Ah efficiency of 90% & Wh efficiency of 80%


Luminous Solar Batteries Specifications


  • Self discharge rate – 3% per month @ 27˚C
  • Ah efficiency of 90% & Wh efficiency of 80%
  • 1500 Cycles@80% & 5000 Cycles@20% DO