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Tubular Batteries

Onlinebatterywala.com promotes tubular batteries for inverter application which are robust and proven tubular plate technology batteries, ideal for use in all standby, deep cycling and shallow cycling applications that require high levels of reliability. They are designed and manufactured according to relevant standards.

Tubular Batteries for inverters are assembled with tubular positive and pasted negative plates made of a special alloy. They are provided with transparent sealed float indicators and Micro Porous Aqua Trap vent plugs, which allow generated gases to escape and traps water particles, returning the major portion to the electrolyte. This reduces the frequency of topping up. With extra electrolyte head and proper voltage control, the frequency of topping up will be once a year. For the available series of Tubular Batteries please refer the types.

Some of the major features are : Extra thick tubular plates, Assembled in polypropylene containers with plate holding cradles, Batteries are designed to withstand frequent and long power cuts, Negative plates are of low antimony alloy, Thick tubular plate spines are of low antimony alloy for super fine grain structure and minimized grid corrosion at high temperatures, Low self discharge, Resistance to corrosion and high ambient temperature,  Micro porous ceramic vent cum sealed float plugs to reduce topping up frequency,  Deep cycle design


Tubular Technology Deep cycle design(600 — 700 cycles at 80% D.O.D.) Minimum maintenance Abuse resistant Electrolyte level indicator Faster recharge Suited for frequent and long powercuts Operating sp.gr. 1.250 ± 0.005 at 27°C More than 20% extra electrolyte which means lesser topping-up frequency and better thermal management