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Industrial Inverters

Most domestic or industrial Inverters are designed for light loads- such as lighting, electronics appliances, and fan. Heavy high wattage equipment, like refrigerators, heating appliances, ovens, Air conditioners and pumping machine are not practically suitable for Inverters. While many of these appliances draw very heavy current from the battery causing it to run down quickly, they can also be too heavy for the capacity of the Inverter, causing it to shutdown under over-load condition or even burn the machine. When calculating the loads to be connected to the Inverter, the total demand load must not exceed the rating of the Inverter. Consideration must also be made to the difference between the Wattage rating of the appliances normally written on the name plate and the KVA rating of the Inverter. Since there is a difference between (Kilowatt (KW) Volt Ampere (VA) and Kilovolt Ampere (KVA), and most of the appliances are rated in KW while most Inverters are either rated in VA or KVA, some mathematical conversion has to be done to arrive at the actual capacity of the machine. 

Inverter load must be completely separated from the rest of the loads in the installation and appropriate isolation and protection devices such as MCBs and ELCBs must be used both for the input and the output of the Inverter.