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Onlinebatterywala promotes sinewave inverters for domestic and commercial purpose as there is no humming sound in appliance while on inverter mode and sinewave inverters are fully compatible with all appliances hence no effect to your valuable appliances.

All the batteries have its charge/discharge cycle. A permanently under-charged or over-charged battery cannot maintain its rated lifespan. Many of the modern day intelligent Inverters have over-dis/charge cut-off sensor that ensures that the batteries are not unduly over-charged or discharged. However, some of the cheap Inverters in the market are not equipped with this intelligent device, which causes the batteries to boil when over-charged or cause suffocation to set up when the batteries are over-discharged and are not constantly kept at full charge. For batteries to serve their stated lifespan successfully without premature failure, they must be maintained at full or near full charge at all times.

We need to consider that batteries must not be over-discharged. In-fact, batteries are not expected to be discharged below 0.5 per cell, i.e. for a 12V battery, minimum voltage to discharge the battery must be around 10.8V. Once it is below this, most intelligent Inverters will begin to beep to alert that the battery is low and after sometimes shut itself down completely to prevent damaging the battery. At this point, it must be fully re-charged before use, even if the machine fails to shut itself down. Many battery users complain of early failure of battery because they don’t know or follow this simple maintenance instruction. It is advisable to seek technical advice before shopping for an Inverter; otherwise untimely failure of batteries will be a constant challenge.