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Inverter Batteries Price

Inverter batteries are needed in each and every household now a days. There are various batteries available in the market and its very difficult to choose the right inverter battery for home. Online Battery Wala offers a wide range of inverter batteries and a single platform to choose different batteries from all trusted brands of india. We deal in Top brands like :







Hi Power

There are three kinds of batteries available for inverter applications.

Flat Plate Batteries

Tubular Batteries

Tall Tubular Batteries

Tubular Inverter Batteries has more than 1000 cycles as compare to flat plate inverter batteries which has 450 cycles. More cycles means more life of your inverter battery. So be specific when you are buying an inverter battery as you may require more backup and more life and warranty. These batteries are available in sizes from 80ah to 220ah. So more battery AH means more backup time.

Online Battery Wala provides all the information for after sales service for your inverter batteries. We will provide you the complete information about service of any model or make of battery. All the customer care number of batteries are provide on a particular brand page on our website.

You can compare inverter batteries at : https://www.onlinebatterywala.com/backup/inverter-batteries.html



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