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Exide Inverter Batteries Price

Exide takes pride in its over 60 years of accumulated experience in research and development, manufacturing across 7 field operations in conventional flooded batteries. Exide inverter batteries comes with different models for different areas and applications. Itcomes with different models starting from  80ah to 200ah with different warranties and technologies for all kinds of inveters and home ups. Exide battery for inverter is available in following models :

Exide flat plate batteries

  • Exide Invamore
  • Exide Invasmart
  • Exide Invaplus
  • Exide Instabrite

Exide short tubular battery

  • Exide Invered

Exide tall tubular battery.

  • Exide Invatubular
  • Exide Invatubular Gel
  • Exide Invamaster
  • Exide IT500 Super
  • Exide Intellisense Invatubular
  • Exide Tubemaster

Online Battery Wala recommend exide tubular batteries for more cycles and life for your inverter. We give free delivery and installation at your home. We provide best exide inverter batteries which are 100% new and genuine.

Exide provides onsite after sales service for its entire range of inverter batteries. You can visit www.exidereachout.com to register your warranty or hassle free warranty claim, Also you can speak to Exide inverter battery customer care at 1800 103 5454.

Tips of battery replacement/Maintenance:

Exide inverter batteries provides you the long backup when there is no power at your home. So maintaining an inverter battery is very important for you to maximize the life and backup of the battery. Most of the batteries give 4-6 years of life if maintained properly. Tips for maintenance of batteries are given below :

  • Keep the battery in ventilated area.
  • Use battery on regular basis, If not used discharge the battery once a month and recharge it.
  • Check the battery water level every 8-10 months.
  • Keep the battery terminals corrosion free.
  • Never use any candle or fire near the battery.